About Me

Hi, I’m Thomas and I help tech companies with their written content, to make sure their content is clear, easy to understand and in line with the brand image.

If I were to boil myself down to three keywords, these are the three I would choose:

Reading: Ever since I knew how to read, I read. I’m the guy who reads in the tube (as we call the metro in London) when there’s barely enough space. The guy who would squeeze in a few pages waiting for a friend three minutes late, the guy who reads while waiting for the water to boil. I enjoy good writing, whether fiction or non-fiction.
Writing: So, almost naturally, I enjoy writing too. I had a travel blog when I lived in Egypt in 2013 (and a travel vlog when I lived in Shanghai), a blog about physics in 2015 and several short stories and poems carefully hidden in folders online. In one way or the other, I’ve always been writing.
Tech: I believe software changes the world for the better. As a kid, I assembled computers, and I have years of professional experience working for tech startups such as cloud management platform Box and translation management platform Smartling.
Otherwise: In a former life, I was a professional 100-meter sprinter, with a PB of 10″88. These days, I run marathons, with a PB of 3h27′. I desperately want to break the 3h-mark, but it’s a tougher nut to crack than I’d originally thought.
That’s a bit about me. But I’d like to know more about you! If you have any questions, or if you would like to work together, you can contact me by going to the contact me page, or by emailing me on [email protected].