Aren’t We Angry?

Last week, Fickle Farage called for a second Brexit referendum and Trump called African countries sh*thole countries. A BBC article wondering whether Trump’s slur is racist (yes it is, get out of the room right now). The NHS is falling apart and so is Western democracy, tweet after tweet. Top bank executives earns as much as they did before the financial crisis, students are crushed in debt and who can buy a house these days?

The above would be more than enough to rattle the one demographic that’s always been the best force for change: the people in their late teens and twenties. The young and energetic. Today’s Millennials.

And yet, Millennials are the largest absentee in today’s shitstorm. Where are we? Where’s the rage against today’s injustices? Am I missing something here? Where’s our Rage Against the Machine, the cathartic outlet through which we shout and hold older generations accountable?

We seem to be bludgeoned into submission by a bar that goes lower and lower, the bar that pushes us in the swamp of apps that fight for every second of our attention. We’re too polite, too shy, too afraid to have an opinion.

I’m no longer putting up with this. This generation is capable beyond any other generation.We need to yell our demands, point out injustices, show our discontent through all the mediums we have access to. It’s time to stop sleeping.

Non-Negotiable 21st Century Demands:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Affordable Education
  • Representative Democracy (not Direct)
  • Gender and Race Equality
  • Capable Leadership
  • Objective Journalism
  • Better Wealth Distribution
  • Dismantlement of Patriarchal Power Structures
  • Climate Change Reversal

Here’s some music from bands that do shout, and deserve more attention:

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