On An Egyptian Train

What did I expect for $4? Safety? Air conditioning? Foreigners? Big suitcase stored above me, I sat on a train with hundreds of Egyptians and not a single foreigner.

Did You Know Our Solar System Has Three Asteroid Belts?

Asteroids aren't spread out over the Solar System, but are grouped together in asteroid belts. There are three such asteroid belts in our Solar System.

eSports Gaming

3 Reasons Why eSports Will Become Mainstream

eSports is a form of competitive gaming where gamers compete against one another in video games such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike. Millions of people watch these gamers compete live.

There’s Incest In Your Family Tree

You are the result of an incestuous relationship. I can prove it with simple math.

Is Virtual Reality our New Reality?

The human race is fascinated with its evolution. We dig out ancient skeletal bones buried in the ground, give our ancestors names such as Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis, and construct the DNA genome from a Neanderthal toe bone in order to understand how we differ from the Neanderthals.