The Uncertainty Principle

The momentum of an object is calculated by multiplying its mass by its speed. A truck that weighs two tonnes moving at a certain speed has a higher momentum than a car of half a tonne moving at the same speed. It will take more time or energy for the truck to reach that speed, but also more time or energy to come to a complete stop. It is perfectly possible (and quite easy) to calculate where the truck or the car will be, given a certain momentum and time.

How Long Will I Live?

People didn't live very long before the 19th century. The average life expectancy before the year 1800 fluctuated between 30 and 40 years old and saw no trend upwards. It was only from 1850, the time of the Industrial Revolution, that life expectancy increased dramatically across large parts of the world.

A Brief Guide to Information Theory

We are all connected through the Internet. Near-instant communication has become such a given that we no longer wonder how all this technology works, let alone that we try to understand it. The interconnectedness of all technological devices seems so abstract that many even believe it is too difficult to understand.

Is Virtual Reality our New Reality?

The human race is fascinated with its evolution. We dig out ancient skeletal bones buried in the ground, give our ancestors names such as Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis, and construct the DNA genome from a Neanderthal toe bone in order to understand how we differ from the Neanderthals. We do all this to understand who we were, who we are, and perhaps most importantly, who we will be.

Explaining DNA

You are the result of an incestuous relationship, and I can prove it with simple math. Two people were needed to create you, four people to create those two, eight to create those four, and so on. We put two to the power of the generation that we wish to look back on to determine the number of people required for your creation.

eSports Gaming

3 Reasons Why eSports Will Explode in Popularity

eSports is a form of competitive gaming where players compete against one another in video games such as League of Legends or Counter-Strike, all while being watched by millions of viewers. Although it's a billion-dollar industry that brought in $1.5bn of revenue in 2017, most people either haven't heard of the term or only have a vague notion of what it means.

Did You Know Our Solar System Has Three Asteroid Belts?

Asteroids aren't spread out over the Solar System, but are grouped together in asteroid belts. There are three such asteroid belts in our Solar System.

On An Egyptian Train

What did I expect for seventy Egyptian pounds? Safety? Aircon? Foreigners? No, I was all alone with all my luggage in a train not actually meant for foreigners. Foreigner trains cost much more, so I had asked an Egyptian child to buy me an Egyptian-only train ticket. Accordingly, no one spoke English in the Egyptian train and the stares I received for breaking the unwritten apartheid rule made me feel like a criminal.